7th Sunday of Easter

Mother’s Day May 13, 2018

As we prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day I would love to be able to talk only about the joys of the holiday and how wonderful motherhood is.  However this day brings about such strong feelings for so many and it is just not that simple.

Mother’s Day is a mix of pride and disappointment, intimate closeness and painful separation, there is simply no one way to size up this day.  One word does come to mind though and that word is exquisite.  I have often used this word when referring to things that are profoundly beautiful as well as pain that is unbearable.  According to the Oxford English Dictionary, exquisite is defined as an adjective meaning; 1) Extremely beautiful, 2) Intensely felt, as in pain, and 3) Highly sensitive.  So exquisite may be a useful word for some of the high emotion that this holiday evokes, sometimes lovely, sometimes excruciating.

How do I speak to the sentiments of mothers and their families on this eve of Mother’ Day?  If it is not simple then what is appropriate for me to speak of in front of you all who are shrouded in so many different feelings about the day.  There are expectant moms, moms whose children are here with them and those whose children are far away.  There are moms who have lost their precious children.  There are those of us whose mothers are here, those whose mothers are far away and those whose mothers are no longer living.  We know of moms and children who are awaiting their first meeting as well as those who are mothers and children who have just recently met.  There are biological moms, adoptive moms, God mothers, and spiritual mothers.  Whatever state of motherhood the women of our community find themselves in we celebrate them all.  These are complicated and personal subjects but motherhood is that way.  It is necessarily filled with expectations, hopes, and dreams, some of which are lost, some are met, some exceeded.  In a very real sense, motherhood is life at its very core-it is raw, terrifying, sweet, wild, tender, and exhausting.  It is sacred, it is honorable, and it is vital from generation to generation.

With these things in mind as this community tenderly gathers her mothers, we embrace them all as our own and we ask our loving God to bless each of them now and forever, wherever they may be.

Faithfully, Rev. Colleen