32nd Sunday Ordinary Time Year B 10 NOV 18, 2018

Lollipop Moments:  The Widow of Zarephath and The Widows Mite

My friends these readings tonight both the story of the Widow at Zarephath and the Gospel story of the Widows mite…they have often been used by many preachers and teachers to somehow glorify the horror of poverty or to bash those who have worked for or been blest with wealth.

I believe that both of these stories have little if nothing to do with either wealth or poverty, other than to remind us that excesses of either of those are not generally good experiences.  If we drill down to the core of both of these stories, what we find is that both of them point to two important realities in our lives….Intent and Impact.

Most of us don’t often see ourselves as leaders in our journey of faith do we?

I mean for the most part, if I was to meet you on the street or if we were gathered at a Saints baseball game and I would  say to the crowd:

Hello everyone, do you consider yourself to be a leader in your faith community or your Church?

I would venture to say there would most likely not be a tremendous number of hands.

If we asked these two widows, they would most likely not raise their hands either…..but their actions have become important enough to make it into the most reproduced book in Human History….the Bible.

I believe in both instances, the INTENT of these two widows was fidelity to their faith, and their IMPACT has been etched in history!

Who would have ever thought that a biscuit, a drink of water and a penny could change the world!

I’d like to invite you to watch this short little TED talk with me as we think about these two stories tonight.


I’d like to invite you to take a lollipop as I pass them around tonight just hang on to it until everyone gets a chance to get their lollipop.  Only one per person.

Now here is my question for us tonight…..

Are we going to eat our lollipop or are we going to give it away and possibly change the world?

Who knows, your decision might end up in the greatest book ever written….

©Bishop Marty Shanahan 2018