First Sunday of Advent

Spirit of Waiting

During the season of Advent, we await the birth of Jesus, the incarnation of the Divine.  We prepare, we anticipate, and we wait.  I mused at our first Advent liturgy that we should maybe change our name to “Spirit of Waiting.”  Of course, this doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue and we have no intention of a name change for our church.

My point was to stress the importance of waiting in our lives.  Our personal lives, our communal lives, and our faith lives.  Waiting is essential for hope.  Waiting is the preparation for what is to come, it is by its very nature a difficult exercise.

Throughout our lives we find ourselves waiting and hoping.  We wait for the good things in our life and sometimes we wait for the hard things.  But most times we wait with hope for the best outcome possible.

As we all wait together during this holy season, I pray that we can wait with hopeful hearts.  I pray that we can patiently wait and prepare for the beauty of the Christmas season, knowing that each of us will experience it in our own way.

Whatever you hope for, may this season of expectation provide a time for love and light and peaceful anticipation of the blessings of Christmas.


Reverend Colleen