4th Sunday of Lent

Greetings my friends.  I thank you for once again taking some time to gather in thought and prayer as we walk together in these days.  I am holding each and every one of you, whom I know and those who I may not know in prayer as we gather.

In the name of our God who is Creator, Redeemer and Holy Spirit.

Our God is with you….

Kyrie Eleison, Christe Elieison, Kyrie Eleison…

May almighty God have mercy on us forgive us all our sin and bring us all to life ever lasting…Amen.

We pray:

Loving God, as you made mud and put it on the eyes of the one born blind, do the same for us in these days.  Help us to see, invite us to realize that we are sent to this world so that others might see in our lives a reflection of your boundless grace, love and hope.  We lift this prayer to you knowing you are One God forever and ever.  Amen


Fourth Sunday Lent Year A 2020

As we walk in these days I have been struck by these words:

When Jesus heard that they had thrown him out, he found him…

I know we keep hearing these words….These are unprecedented times…and my friends they really are.

I listened many years ago to my grandmother as she recalled the 1918 Flu that took her mother, her baby sister and one of her brothers.

As she told the stories, I could still see and feel the pain of those losses in her life.

Yet she lived, and she lived boldly.

Please do not take that wrong…she was not reckless, she was bold.

She stood for courage, hope, joy, and patience.

She celebrated the good things in her life and the lives of others and she cried in her pain and in solidarity with others in their pain as well.

To me and for me, she embodied this Gospel….

she found anyone who was cast out and she wrapped them in her mantle of love, because she knew deep down, God had wrapped her in his mantle of love.

In these times, these unprecedented times,

one thing I believe we can learn from the story of the one born blind,

is the fact that by our baptism

we each and every one of us have been and are “sent” to be Christ bearers to the world.

This may be a time to self-quarantine, and it may be a time to wrap each other in our mantle of love.

That wrapping may look like a note of thanks, or a card of appreciation…

maybe even just a handmade or recycled card…that lets someone know how much they have blest our lives.

It may mean an email that simply says….please know I love and hold you in my prayer…no reply needed…just know I care.

It may mean picking up two cans of vegetables and giving one to the local food shelf on your way home from the store.

It may mean spending 10 minutes in silent prayer before we start our quarantined day…remembering, recalling and asking our God for Divine help for those who are ill or those who are entrusted with the care of others.

You see my friends,

these may be “unprecedented” times,

yet they may be “remarkable” times as well.

When people look back and tell the story of these days….

maybe they will tell the story of the note, the card, the call, the email, the food shelf, or any other of the countless ways we can invite others to be washed in the pool of Siloam… and see that ultimately…it is God who loves us all.

Maybe they will tell the story of the neighbor who stood on the front porch every day and sang a song for anyone to hear.

Or the neighbor who left a bag of groceries on their door step in the middle of the night and they had no idea who it was.

Maybe they will tell a story of the card they got in the mail..no return address and no name….a card that just said…I care about you and am holding you in my prayer.

Maybe we can change the current paradigm of these days in our history from “unprecedented” to “remarkable” simply by seeing where God is inviting us to show up in unexpected ways!

My friends…be safe…stay healthy…and don’t let fear be our guide…

let it be the remarkable love of God that is our light!  Amen!


Prayers of the Faithful:

As we gather those prayers to which we have given voice and those we have whispered in our hearts, let us unite it together in the one prayer that Christ invited us to pray, because we know our God as Our Mother and Our Father….


My friends…the peace of God is with you all…

And may the blessing of our God who is Creator, Redeemer and Holy Spirit continue to remain with us now and forever.

Let us go now and know how much a tired and hurting world needs our strength and our gladness…for there are deeds of compassion and courage which will never be done unless we do them and words of hope and healing which will never be spoken unless we speak them, for this liturgy is ending but the liturgy of our lives continues in the days ahead….let us go therefore in the peace and the love and the joy of Jesus Christ to serve our God.  Thanks be to God!