15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Matthew 13:1-23
How is God revealed to us?
How do we see, hear, and respond?

The Gospel today is filled with symbolism, even to the point where Jesus is questioned on why he speaks in parables, he is asked if there isn’t a more direct way to get his ideas across to ties listening. Jesus gives a rather complicated answer regarding who gets the point of his stories and who doesn’t. These mysteries/seeds are given in parables and will be told in different ways depending on the audience/ground where they land. But the sewer tosses them all around, almost seemingly indiscriminately.

What we hear can be perceived in an endless variety of ways. In my reading and prayerful study, I see a very broad sense of God’s love, grace, and our own free will. In this reading, we are seeing the revelation of God’s will and God’s self for all to see, hear, and consider. The revelation is scattered about all around, not just for a “chosen few” though the chosen few may be more fertile ground, the seeds of God revealing God’s gifts is everywhere. Revelation is defined as God’s deliberate self-disclosure to humanity in The Christian Theological Tradition. This alone is a remarkable reality. Our Creator wants us to know them, wants us to be aware of our relationship. This revelation is scattered about for everyone, the seeds of this knowledge of the One who created and sustains us are not exclusive. Our eyes and our ears and our hearts are the tools we have to take in this mysterious gift throughout our lives.

God is revealed in our lives through Scripture, through nature, through our relationships, through the sacramental life. God is revealed in art, in music, in our work, our prayer, and in all that is beautiful. In the documents, if Vatican ll, it’s is written that although the Church is the main source for holiness and following God, “Nevertheless, many elements of sanctification and of truth are found outside of its confines.”

So God’s revelation is absolute and our free will and how we respond is the medium in which we grow our relationship with the One who made all of this possible.

But blessed are your eyes because they see,  and your ears because they hear.

Bless our eyes.
They see your splendor
in the sunlight at play in summer trees,
in the faces of loved ones,
in images of Beaty and art.

And blessed be our ears
since they have heard your glory
in the sounds of birds high overhead,
in baby’s laugh, in our music,
and in the hello of a friend.

Let us always listen
for the cries of your poor.
Our eyes and ears always look forward joyfully
to receive your ever-present
tender love.

Your “grace is everywhere.”

Blessings to all this week,
Rev Colleen Woodley