Saturday, March 28, 2015

What are we to do with this one who is performing all  these miracles?  If we let him go on like this, everybody will believe in him, and then the Romans will come and destroy both our Temple and our nation.  John 11:47-48

Uh oh.  What do we do? This guy is performing miracles all over the place.  We can’t let him do that – it might upset the status quo.  The Romans aren’t going to like it and they may destroy us.  We can’t let these miracles continue!!!

Seriously, does this sound ridiculous to anyone?  We have to stop miracles from happening because those in power don’t like it? God’s work cannot be done because many may believe that Love is more powerful than government leaders?  People should continue to suffer and not find hope and healing for the comfort of another? Really?

And yet, the practice continues today.  How many people are oppressed because the color of their skin, or who they’ve fallen in love with makes someone uncomfortable?  How many wars are being fought right now for control of power? How many children die unnecessarily because they don’t have enough food or medical access?  What do we do?

We live like Jesus, and continue to challenge the status quo.  We live into the truth that every person is a child of Love and should be treated with justice and respect.  We dare to speak our truth – that God’s love is universal, that grace is free to all, and that no one is excluded from the table of life.  We become the voice for the voiceless, the healers of hurts, and the disciples of Love.  We love God and neighbor with unbrided joy.  Should we anger someone, and we will, we support one another, pray for one another and we respond simply in love – deep, imperfect, honest love.  If we fail, we try again.

My friends, God is already using us to challenge the status quo.  A woman priest is writing this blog.  We celebrate a Eucharist where all are welcome to receive.  We live in a time in history where church communities are shrinking, yet ours is growing exponentially. So, what should we do?  I say let’s keep going until everyone believes in the miracles of God.

Rev. Joan

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