Circle of Servant Leaders 12-19-2016

Spirit of Hope Catholic Community

Circle of Servant Leaders Meeting Minutes

December 19, 2016

Members Present: Ingrid Mattsson, Lynn Blankenship, Melinda Hutchinson, Amy Sweeney, Bob Pirro, Jim Kurtz,

Guests: Colleen Woodley, Marty Shanahan, Corein Turbak, Mark Vanden Heuvel

Adoption of Agenda: Motion – Bob, second-Jim, Motion passes

Adoption of Minutes: Motion – Melinda, second -Bob, Motion passes

Executive Session

MAT Update

-Talked about new admin

-Talked about attendance numbers

-Discussed different ways to do hospitality

-Amy to talk to Deni about where to post minutes on website

St. Anne’s Update

-All the paperwork on the new sign is filed, waiting on the thumbs up from the City of Sunfish Lake

-Doing all parish meeting on Jan 22 – plan is to get the calendar for the year in place

-SOH and St. Anne’s should have links to other community on their websites

-Liz Palmer starts on January 3


-St. Anne’s is going to bill us for Liz’s salary. Mark and Tom to come to April’s meeting to discuss the next fiscal year’s budgets

-We received a sizable donation earmarked for “families in need” to be handled by pastoral team

Pastoral Position Descriptions

-Identifying all 3 clergy as pastors.

-Team has committed to weekly communication

-Asking for yearly performance reviews – team formed.


-Nothing new

Onboarding Liz

-Ingrid working on list – will touch base with all of us

Prayer Chain

-Marty presented guidelines – need to tighten it up a bit

-adding this to the list for Ministry Fair


Working on brochures

Pastor’s business cards – Ingrid needs contact info

Bishop Update

-Marty has Ingrid to assist in diocese work


Minutes Prepared by:

Amy M. Sweeney