MAT 12-7-16

Spirit of Hope Ministry Action Team Minutes

December 7, 2016

Facilitator: Gary Davis

Scribe: Gary Davis

Participants:.+Marty Shanahan, Colleen Woodley+, Jim Kurtz, Jen Porwit, Marge Blenkush, Barb Kraft, Rick Kraft, Deni Berigan-Pirro, Sharon Masloski, Mary Lundquist

Meeting Called to order at 7:00 pm

Opening Prayer: +Marty

Agenda Approved

November Minutes Discussed – Approved

Circle of Servant Leaders

  1. New members are Melinda Hutchinson [re-elected] and Dan Matthews [elected].
  2. Adopted a Professional Development Plan and a Communications Plan
    1. Will decide where to store at next CSL meeting
  3. Creating Position Descriptions for clergy
  4. Chose ChurchTrac as database software to support the church
    1. $200 per year
  5. Part time administrative assistant hired
    1. Liz Palmer
    2. 8:30 – 1:30 Mon-Fri
    3. 10 hours/week for SOH, 15 for St. Anne’s
    4. Starts January 26
    5. Specific duties under discussion

Social Justice

  1. Committee meets 1st Monday every month
  2. Presented meeting notes from December meeting. Highlights:
    1. $500 donation made to Neighbors, Inc
      1. Possibly more later
    2. Roger Cornetto requested we make a $1,000 donation to St. Mary’s Mission at Red Lake
      1. Still under discussion
    3. Mary Lundquist requested $740 to sponsor 4 children Watowan County Weekend Backpack Program.
      1. This was approved.
    4. Barb Kraft presented information [from Dan Matthews] regarding “Walking with a Purpose”, which supports Saint Paul’s Homeless
      1. SJC requesting we invite Todd Feske to speak to the congregation

Pastoral Team

  1. 61 page report on “Who We Are” completed by Rob Dalton [Brand Catalyst]
  2. Two key features of SOH
    1. Passion
    2. Trust
  3. +Marty asked us to think about the following?
    1. What does church look like in 20 years?
    2. What does community look like in 20 years?
  4. Prayer Team/Prayer Request Form posted on website
    1. Amanda Sloan leading this effort
  5. +Marty thanked all for support of Standing Rock
  6. New Phone System
    1. Geri Kagan is setting it up
      1. Cloud-based
      2. New Phone Number
      3. Can have up to 27 voicemail boxes
    2. +Marty suggested celebrating birthdays/anniversaries at the 1st mass each month
    3. Jen suggested we create a Parish Directory
      1. Include photos?
      2. Liz Palmer to own this?


  1. Hospitality Night
    1. Ministry Fair to occur January 21st Hospitality Night
    2. Deni/Bob volunteered to be back up if volunteers do not come forward
    3. Jim suggested Joyce to email about Pizza/Hospitality Night volunteers
      1. +Marty suggested it be assigned to Liz as part of the newsletter work
  2.  Website
    1. Deni asked for feedback
      1. Jim suggested use of banners for points of interest
      2. Colleen suggested we need more photos
      3. Jim suggested publishing ministry items
        1. Who to talk to?
        2. Decisions for what to publish?
          1. Public vs. Private
    2. Deni presented attendance figures/analysis. Highlights
      1. Average attendance down 2 per week from 2015
      2. Average attendance about equal to 2014
      3. +Marty suggested we do a “Bring a Friend to Mass” campaign
      4. Colleen+ suggested that events bring crowds
        1. How to build on that?
        2. Jen suggested speakers
        3. Jim suggested an Open House
        4. Jim suggested a picnic after mass
    3. Final numbers from Consecration not yet available
    4. Jim suggested we list SOH in Community Worship Directories
      1. Referred to Communications


  1. No update.


  1. Mark Turbak to speak on Buddhist Religion on January 5th at 7:00 PM at Saint Anne’s
    1. Suggestion made and approved to invite Saint Anne’s
    2. Saint Anne’s will be requested to RSVP 

Closing Prayer: Colleen+

Next Meeting: Tuesday January 10th at 7:00 PM

Facilitator: Gary Davis