Circle of Servant Leaders 04-18-2017

Spirit of Hope Catholic Community

Circle of Servant Leaders Meeting Minutes

April 18, 2017

Members Present: Lynn Blankenship, Melinda Hutchinson, Amy Sweeney, Bob Pirro, Jim Kurtz, Dan Mathews

Guests: Marty Shanahan, Colleen Woodley

Adoption of Agenda: Motion – Lynn, second-Melinda, Motion passes

Adoption of Minutes: Motion – Dan, second -Lynn, Motion passes

Community Input:

-We received an email with a concern about how we refer to ourselves. The conclusion: Spirit of Hope Catholic Community

Executive Session

Formation of an Administrative Committee:

-Dan, Bob, Marty

MAT Update

-Social Justice team working hard, had a joint meeting with St. Anne’s social justice group


-We’re good.

Pastor’s Performance Review

-Committee assembled: Ingrid, Melinda, Bob and Lynn

-Working on dates now

-questions/general outline will be shared ahead of time

Outreach Ministry

Planning on Saturday, April 22 for event. Will get it on facebook and ask everyone to share it.

Dan is cleaning up the language on the mission

Motion by Amy, Second by Bob to create an Outreach Ministry Team connected to the Ministry Action Team. Motion passes

-Dan will meeting John and get on the agenda of the Ministry Action Team

Pledge Drive

-Team is Jim, Lynn, and Melinda, have started communicating, still targeting fall. All Circle members are asked to come up with a message that can be used during the pledge drive.


-Thinking about the “why”

-Marty to connect with John to come up with a plan


Upcoming Meetings

-May 23


Minutes Prepared by:

Amy M. Sweeney