About Us

We invite you to explore your faith with us.

We celebrate the presence of God in liturgy, education, stewardship and outreach. We celebrate God’s abundant grace in all seven Sacraments and welcome all to participate.

Dedicated to openness and honesty, we are committed to collaboration and collegiality and are self-governing and self-supporting. We are one of many Old Catholic Churches throughout the United States.

We Value

  • The depth, wisdom and grace of the Catholic faith
  • The affirmation and nurturing of the innate holiness of all God’s creation
  • The courage to question convention and live purposeful compassion
  • Choosing joy, grace and action to live the Gospel out loud
  • Creating holy spaces for dialogue and diverse expression

Come and experience the faith, laughter, music and joy of a community that comes together to celebrate and support one another. We are inspired by the word of God and we want to share the best that the Catholic faith has to offer. Come and feel the spirit of hope…

We Believe

  • The Apostles Creed
  • God is encountered as Creator, Redeemer and Holy Spirit
  • Sacraments mark significant moments of grace in our life journeys
  • Through the Eucharist, the source and summit of our communal and individual lives, we are renewed and fed by the presence of Jesus
  • Leadership and service are the call of the community
  • God is revealed through Scripture, tradition,community and Sacraments