Ways to Get Involved

We welcome all to share their gifts, skills and passions.

Come explore, share who you are, and the gifts you bring!

Following are short descriptions of various ways to get more involved in our Spirit of Hope Catholic community. For more information on any of these teams, ministries, or social events, please contact the parish administrator at 651-760-8353 or talk with any one of the clergy or existing team member.


Announcements/Prayers of the Faithful Preparer

Prepare announcements, Mass intro, and the Prayers of the Faithful, and then email to the reader(s), sacristan, and clergy. Commitment is weekly.

Children’s Liturgy Leader

During the homily, lead children in their own Gospel reflection and play; materials/guides provided. Commitment is usually once a month. Training provided.

Eucharistic Minister

Share communion with the community. Do “dishes” after Mass.   Commitment is usually once a month. Training provided.


Welcome folks as they come to Mass. Offer name tags and provide hymn books. Recruit two people to bring up the bread and wine. During Mass, pass the offering basket, then bring forward the collection as the gifts of bread and wine are brought forward. Arrive 30 minutes before Mass to set up and stay for a few minutes after Mass to put away the song books, name tags, etc. Commitment is usually once a month. Need two greeters per Mass. Training provided.


Proclaim the Word/readings at weekend Mass.  Must be able to project one’s voice and be easily understood. Monthly sign up via email so commitment is flexible and averages once every 4-6 weeks.

Money Counter

Count money after Mass and make photocopies of all checks received.  Need two people per weekend to count to verify accuracy.  Commitment – Usually once per month. Training provided.

Prayers of Faithful Reader

Volunteers sign up monthly to read the Prayers of the Faithful at Mass.  Commitment usually once every 4-6 weeks.


Prepare the worship space for Mass.  Arrive one hour before Mass to put out the song board, get out lectionary/Prayers of the Faithful/introduction, prepare the altar –cloth, candles, prepare wine and bread/gluten free hosts – make sure all ministries are covered and that the lector reads the intro on time at the start of Mass. Record the number attending Mass. Put everything away after Mass.  Commitment – Usually once per month.



Choir members sign up monthly to cantor at Mass.  Arrive one hour before Mass to practice.  Commitment usually once every 4-6 weeks.


Sing in the choir at Mass as you can.  Practice one hour prior to Mass.


Open to all who wish to play at Mass and other events. Piano player for Mass receives a small stipend.

Music Selection

Meets with Pastoral team regularly to select music for liturgies.


(These events are currently on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions)


Card/Games/Pizza Night Coordination  

Set out the sign-up sheet for various responsibilities (pizza order and pick up, bring salad, bring dessert, room set-up, room clean up). Held the first Saturday of each month, winter, spring, and fall.

Community Dinners   

Meals are planned quarterly. Sign-up sheets are available for community to participate (foods/desserts, set up, clean-up, etc.) 

Hospitality Night 

Coordinate an after-Mass hospitality event, usually held the third Saturday of the month. Responsibilities include arriving before Mass to set up, make coffee, and stay after Mass to clean up. Event coordinator also brings treats such as cookies, bars, donuts, etc., (costs are reimbursed).


Circle of Servant Leaders

Our leadership team is determined by a community election each year with terms running three years. The Circle of Servant Leaders works to ensure that as a community we continue to uphold our vision and pillars as a faith community. All are invited to attend the first 20 minutes of each meeting to share any ideas, concerns or questions. Elections are held each November. Meetings are normally monthly.


Home Visits to the Sick

Bringing Eucharist and sharing the Word is open to all who wish to engage In this ministry.  Anyone can use the Eucharist “kit” to minister to those unable to attend Mass. Time commitment based on community need.

Lenten & Advent Soup Supper/Discussion

Pastoral Team determines a theme for the weekly presentations. Community members bring soup/bread/crackers+ to share with attendees.  Open to all.